About Us

This is an independent theater that brings valuable performances for all.

It is a place where young people discover the beauty and difficulty of dramatic art. It was created in 2012 at the initiative of four actors, who keep it up to date. One of the actress, later a dramaturg, the daughter of a famous director, loved the theater from childhood and this special love helped her find and develop every young person who entered the Theater. In his studies, more than 180 members have been replaced since the beginning of their work, of which more than 40 have been admitted to college arts departments, notably acting, theater and dramaturgy, or theatre studies.

Beauty in simplicity.

It is a symbol of the fact that everything can be found in some depth, varied. Our theater is not trying to make extravagance unnecessary, it is a purposeful experiment, but open to every good idea. Our goal is to find value in everything we do. Testimony. Our theater is a commonwealth of young actors, directors and artists. We were united by the general idea of creating an inspiring theater project, where we could continue to develop and experiment.

Something More

After the graduation, we clearly understood that we cannot just break up so easily, that we want to do something more together, have something of our own, but did not yet understand what exactly. Further there was a long way, but on this way we began to meet people who were interested in our projects, which brought an unexpected vision, which leads us to a new stage of development. Gradually the idea was born out of a purely actor’s association to make a community of creative professions – directors, artists, actors. As a result, today we have moved beyond the concept of “repertoire theater”, on our account and in our immediate plans there are several different cultural projects…