All You Need to Know About Heavy Duty Rack Systems

All You Need to Know About Heavy Duty Rack Systems

Heavy duty storage systems are without a doubt the solution to safe and productive workshop organizations. Systems can include, shelving and racking, for the storage requirement of a wide range of garage, industries and even in homes. A heavy duty rack is commonly employed for storing heavy and bulky items. it is in every way designed to handle very heavy loads, and some racking systems are capable of supporting up to 20 tons per level.

Racking systems are also required to support very wide loads that cannot be stored on alternate racks, owing to the need for closer upright centers. Due to the design of racking, the storage of very bulky and heavy items can be stored vertically, as this will help in minimizing floor space.

These systems can be designed to meet any kind of requirements, as long as they can give you the ability to store heavyweight items than you would be able to store with the standard conventional pallet racking systems. Floor space can be maximized as well as wide loads can be supported better than when an alternate racking system was employed.

The weight bearing capacity and design of this system make them perfect for use in manufacturing plants and warehouses. The ability to support and bear heavier weights than the standard pallet racking assist in maximizing floor space, making it a valuable commodity in the storage of materials and products. The design of some heavy duty racking system allows them to be very useful in the storage of materials when wide loads cannot in any way be accommodated because of the need for closer upright centers

These heavy duty racking systems can be customized to meet your requirements and your needs. They can be painted in a variety of colors or perhaps galvanized if you plan to use them for outdoor applications. Organized and safe storage of heavy load is provided by these racking products with controlled and easy pallet selection.

If you have a warehouse or manufacturing area that needs to be organized with emphasis given to safety, ease of load manipulation and maximization of the available floor space, these racking systems may well be the perfect solution to your storage concerns. These heavy duty racking products are complemented by an assortment of accessories for warehouse and heavy load applications. Some of these accessories are listed below:

  • Pallet support bars that assist in storing timber pallets
  • Fork spacers, enabling items with flat bases for easy storage and handling
  • Coil cradles for the secure location of steel coils
  • Timber or steel decking for the formation of the heavy duty shelving.
  • Drum cradles for the location of conventional drums

Finding companies that manufacture this type of racking system is a very simple process if you carry out your search online. They are located all around the united kingdom. There are companies with over 30 years experience in the manufacture and engineering of heavy duty racking system. They will provide you with a system conferring to the specifications that will provide you organized and safe storage of heavy loads, with emphasis placed on maximizing your floor space.