Boxing is just theatre on the website

Boxing is just theatre on the website

Now, believe me, I get a lot of flak for the title of this blog post. I can understand where people are coming from. After all, for the longest time, there seems to be a tight dividing line between boxing and professional wrestling.

Since ages, people automatically believed that wrestling, for all its faults and promises, is essentially entertainment. They look at it, really, as a modern day play. In many cases, people even think that professional wrestling conveys all sorts of morality play lessons.

On the other hand, people look at boxing as a real sport. In other words, two people go toe to toe and try to knock each other out. There is no script, it’s definitely not fake, and the outcome is far from certain.

Since there is a tremendous amount of thrills, chills, spills and human drama, people naturally gravitate towards boxing. They think that it’s more raw. They think it’s more honest. They think it really creates a sense of urgency.

Well, what if I told you that boxing is just as much theatre as it is wrestling? Now, a lot of people will take exception to this. In fact, it may upset a lot of people, but it’s absolutely true.

Now, this doesn’t mean that this is a fully scripted play. I’m not talking about theatre in that respect. Instead, when you see two people try to knock each other out in the boxing ring, a lot of the narrative arc of the human condition as well as the familiar themes of human adversity and overcoming such adversity come to the forefront. That’s how awesome it is.

And it is, for all intents and purposes, a very familiar spectacle, or at least it should be. Because if you see yourself in the boxers, you’ll see your struggle with your fear. You’ll see them overcoming and pushing themselves to the limits. In other words, they’re staring at the abyss or the void right in the eye.

All people can relate to that at some level or another. This is the drama of life. This, of course, leads to the theatre of boxing.

One website truly highlights this aspect of boxing. If you really want to get a full exposition of the thrills, chills, spills, blood, sweat and tears and full-on human drama of boxing and other mixed martial arts, you can find it on website.

This website really does a great job of showing you, in clear, unvarnished, and non-sentimental ways, what it’s like to go toe to toe. You see the raw urgency of either becoming a victim or a victor. The old phrase of “victory or death” takes a deeper and more profound meaning.

A lot of people are scared by this, but unfortunately, life is made of hard choices. We have to man up. We have to overcome our fears, and really presents this in the form of a modern boxing allegory. It truly makes for a mind blowing experience.