Finding the best lipo LED units means overcoming your mental program


Finding the best lipo LED  units might seem like a straight shot. Really. You have a set of parameters, you definitely are clear about your needs so you go through the many different features of the very best lipo LED units on the market.

If you’ve read that paragraph up to this point, you’re probably proceeding in your product search the exact way as the vast majority of consumers out there. Unfortunately, you congratulate yourself if this is how you think. Why? Chances are you’re probably well on your to making a serious strategic mistake. You might end up buying a product that just is not up to the job.

Sure, a lot of people will keep repeating it to the high heavens that you have stumbled upon the best lipo LED unit. Unfortunately, just because you have looked at your needs and you have looked at the features doesn’t necessarily mean that that they are the best.

The problem with the word “the best” is that it really involves mental programming. Just like watching a play, you have to understand that playwrights are able to drag you along and you’re your mind in so many ways because they know how the mind works. They know mental cues. They know emotional signals. They know the whole nine yards. That’s why they have wrapped around their finger.

Most people don’t mind. After all, the whole point of watching movie or a play involves some sort of suspended disbelief. There has to be some sort of unstated agreement between the creator and the people watching that person’s creations that they will suspended their disbelief.

Most people are skeptical. Most people are disbelieving, and this is a good thing because if you always believe whatever is said to you, chances are you will spend too much money doing things that you don’t want to do, and you end up very miserable, unhappy and frustrated. A bit of reasonable skepticism can definitely go a long way.

Unfortunately, mental programming by marketing companies completely subvert this. They disrupt it, they work around it and that’s why people end up doing stuff that they would otherwise not be doing. This is called manufactured consent, and it happens all the time. A lot of this turns on the concept of “best”.

Let me be clear. I know it’s unpopular, and it definitely might seem unwelcome right now, but the best is probably not for you. Why? What’s best for somebody may not work out for you because they have different needs. That’s the bottom line.

So, you have to zero in on your needs and you have to get out from under the concept of the best. Instead, look at what you need from lipo LED units and then compare it to the context of your resources, your past experiences and your expectations. Once you’re able do this, then chances are quite good that you would have made the right decision. Otherwise, it’s anybody’s guess how you will end up.