How to Use Find My iPhone App to Locate Your iPhone

How to Use Find My iPhone App to Locate Your iPhone

Find My iPhone is an enormous asset for people that have misplaced their iPhone or perhaps have had them stolen. This free service provided by Apple makes use of the iPhones inbuilt GPS in tracking the location of your phone. Even better, according to this article, it assists you in doing things like locking the phone over the internet so the person with your phone cannot use it or perhaps you can remotely delete all the data you have on your phone.

What happens when you did not install the Find My iPhone app on your phone before it was stolen or lost? Does this mean that you cannot in any way use the Find My iPhone application in tracking it and your iPhone is gone for good?

Find My iPhone: The Service and the App Are Different Things

Assuming you lost your phone to thieves and you did not have the Find My iPhone application installed, this is good news for you, it does not matter. Regardless of the fact of you having the application installed or not having it installed at all, it will not stop you from locating your phone.

This application is not in any way needed for tracking your iPhone. In order for you to appreciate why this is an issue, you have to understand the Find My iPhone app and service – and how you can use them – are undoubtedly different things.

The Find My iPhone service is one that is based in the cloud, meaning that this service resides on the internet and not on your phone, and it can be used only over the internet. This is a very important point to remember. The application is what makes the Find My iPhone work.

In Actual fact, because this service is cloud-based, you don’t necessarily don’t have to install the application at all. You can use the Find My iPhone app in virtually any web browser. Just visit then log in using your Apple ID used in setting up your iPhone. There is every possibility that you used the same for your icloud, if not make use of the Apple ID used in iCloud. Whenever you are logged in, click on the Find My iPhone icon so you will be using the tool immediately.

So What Is the Find My iPhone App For?

So, if the Find My iPhone application is not in any way required to make use of the service, what then is the application for? This application is just another way of tracking your stolen or lost iPhone, just like the browser on your computer.

Using the Find My iPhone application is basically the same thing as logging into your iCloud account to use the service, just as described earlier in this article. The idea is not that you install the application on your phone to locate your phone when it is missing. Instead, you install this application on someone else’s phone to use when you are trying to locate yours.

You can make use of Find My iPhone on any computer to locate any lost phone. But if you are trying to track down your device when you’re on the move, doing it on a family’s phone using this application is probably easier than doing it on a laptop in a car or in the house.