exposes commonly held beliefs about bedbugs exposes commonly held beliefs about bedbugs

Bedbugs are scourge. You don’t need me to remind you of that. If you’ve ever sat on a chair or slept on a bed with bed bugs, you learn in the worst way possible why people from all over the world hate bedbugs. That’s right.

This is one point of unity that most humanity can rally around. It really is amazing. It doesn’t matter what color skin you have. It doesn’t matter what language you have. It doesn’t matter whether you speak with an accent or not. It doesn’t matter how many years of college PhD work you’ve done. Everybody, regardless of religion, regardless of gender, regardless of sexual orientation, regardless of whether they are trans or not, hate bedbugs.

It’s very easy to why. It’s bad enough that a small insect bites you by poking holes into your skin to draw blood. That is bad enough. It’s disgusting, it’s gross, it’s offensive and it’s completely intolerable.

However, going beyond that, there are serious health risks involved because when a bedbug tears a hole into your skin, it would be nice if it were just sucking out blood. It would be nice if this invasion is a one-way situation. If it were just only going out, most people would be able to tolerate it.

However, the problem is it’s also a two-way situation. That’s right. The bedbug introduces stuff into your system. Bedbugs pump all sorts of enzymes or secretions into your blood. This is where things get nasty.

If you have an allergy, you will break out all over the place. In fact, if you have a really bad allergy, you might even develop a fever. Moreover, there might be all sorts of messed-up health complications if you are especially allergic. This is why bedbugs are pretty much on everyone’s public enemy list all over the world.

Unfortunately, there is so much disinformation or misconceptions regarding bedbugs that people can’t quite get their heads around this problem. You need to be able to get a grip around this problem for you to deal with it once and for all.

Thankfully  there are resource websites about bedbugs and the extermination of these insects that you can safely refer to. These are websites that avoid all sorts of hype. They don’t try to scare you. They don’t try to manipulate you in any way, shape or form so you can put extra dollars in your pockets.

Instead, they perform a very massive public service by exposing the truth about bedbugs and related insects. One such website is Merkem does a great job helping you understand the basics of bedbugs so you can deal with them properly. You figure out who, what, where, when, why, how and how come.

By understanding this information, you can then craft a personal coping strategy that would make a lot of sense in your particular situation. That is really the best way to deal with bedbugs. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all or cookie-cutter approach. A magic bullet for this type of bug infestation or bug problem has yet to be invented.

So, do yourself a big favor. Arm yourself with the right information so you can get out from under your personal bedbug hell.