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Dramatizing a famous novel, about the decline of the personality under the influence of power.
“In the odd type who stops leading himself, he has no right to stand on his head!”
What happens to a man when he has a height? When he stops believing all but himself? When he forgets those who remember him even as weak? When does he lose himself?
“Pretty … is she really sweet? Tell a friend how she really liked all that power? “Reads a replica of the dramatization of the long-forbidden novel, which is revived today on the stage of the Theater.
The theater has long been a place for self-realization, whether in the field of acting, direction, screenwriting or dramaturgy, for many young people who have been attracted by theatrical art.
Since its release, it has been many years, but this work, unfortunately, is not up to date at any time. The character of the “Dead” is the prototype of a leading personality who, through absolute control over everything and ultimately completely absorbs all of himself. The feeling of power also includes fear – the fear of opponents and enemies, the fear of their own choices, and especially the fear of my former, still weak, me. No, weakness is simply unacceptable. In the political world, it means a certain end.
The little man in his book gives a very precise account of the absence of morality and hypocrisy that comes hand in hand with ambition. Even with these motifs, it has become so attractive that it has taken some secondary school students who have decided to materialize in our theatre in the form of a production. Their intention was to bring to the

stage the essence of the most important links to us in her Retain and bring them this way by the new generation, hoping that it will be able to learn from the mistakes of their predecessors.

While the cock does not smell

“How does the cock do not smell”

depicting an existential, locally absurd conflict among the ten people locked in one cellar is impressed by the performance. Actors get an opportunity for intensive voice work and analysis of character psychology. For audiences, this performance may be an opportunity to get acquainted with an excellent example of our theatre’s production, and to better understand that freedom of decision-making means responsibility, and that it is sometimes too easy to overcome the thin line between courage and fear, between life and death.

Be and look

The author’s play about life and the work of Molière, who also managed to give the most succulent truths with humor, even though his own life reminded the comedy. The story of this literary giant, squeezed with snippets of the most famous games, brought to our stage the spectacular atmosphere of the Baroque Paris.
The game, as the name suggests, basically asks the basic question: “Where is the real value?” It forces us to think about what is really valuable and what only seems valuable. One of the world’s greatest playwrights, Moliére, answers this uncomfortable question in our performance, because his life can be considered a great fight of truth and lies. Even though he lived and formed in the 17th century, his work is still as strong a statement. That’s why he became the famous personality of the theater, whose work we always devote all season. A man who had a miraculous ability to turn tears into laughter. Tragedy in privacy on comedy for the audience. Ability to laugh to bring people to the truth. That’s why we did not choose just one or two of his games, but we decided to bring Moliere closer to the audience. So we worked with different materials, which capture the chronology of his life more or less precisely. Based on them, the lyrics were born on the stage of Molière himself, his great love of Madeleine and Armanda, a loyal

friend of La Grange, and a talented, but rather lonely Jean Lully and many others. Our Theater is trying to bring the audience to the 17th century in Paris, for a moment to revive the Baroque period with all its beauties and treasures.