To find the best prices for WBV, you need to look beyond appearance

To find the best prices for WBV, you need to look beyond appearance

The best prices for WBV actually go beyond appearance. I know that sounds kind of mystical or even magical, but it’s the absolute truth. I don’t want to sound like a cynic. I don’t want to sound like I’m unreasonably skeptical or suspicious but, let’s face it, in our modern world, everything really comes down to marketing.

I know this is probably one of those revelations that you would rather not hear. You might even think that it’s conspiratorial, cooky or just out of l eft field. You may be thinking to yourself that there are so many things in life that you can just take at face value or at least you should.

Believe me I understand why you need to think that way. I understand why you feel that way because, hey, when people can take things at face value, they don’t have to think that hard. They don’t have to put their thinking cap on. They don’t have to distrust things. They don’t have to deconstruct what they’re seeing with their own two eyes.

A little trust can go a long way as far as comfort and convenience are concerned. I understand all of that, and I see why people want to believe that. There’s a tremendous amount of social utility to that.

Unfortunately, if you go down that path, it’s too easy to lose money, it’s too easy to lose time and, at the end of the day, you lose purpose. Why? It really boils down to programming. This is not much different than watching a play in front of you. A play is really an agreement or some sort of creative contract between you and the person who wrote the play. That person tells you in so many ways that you are going to stop doubting what’s happening in front of them. In exchange, you get entertainment. That’s how it works.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are clueless to the fact that this also plays out when it comes to marketing. If you looked at all marketing with a jaded and realistic eye, a lot of that stuff won’t work. In fact, most of it will flat out fail.

However, we have been tricked to look at these materials as creative outputs, not much different from movies, paintings and plays. Sadly, we play along and guess what happens? We suspend our disbelief and we jump in with both feet, and we get burned for it.

Instead of finding the very best prices for WBV, for example, we get self-conflicted reviews. We get paradoxical consumer guides. In fact, if you read through all these materials, it’s very easy for you to chase your tail. It’s very easy for you to get stuck in auto pilot and come out not any better.

This is why you need to look beyond appearances. This is why you need to question everything. I know that this sounds like a cliché, and it is. However, there’s a lot of truth to the cliché. The reason certain sayings become maxims or clichés is that, by and large, they work. With everything else being equal, they make sense, and that’s why they are so pervasive. That’s why they are so common.

Please understand how this works. Otherwise, you’re going to get burned again and again and again. The worst part to all of this? You did it to yourself because this is one of those crimes that require a willing victim. Don’t be that victim.